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Our company
our history

Curtiriso, a historic brand of Italian tradition, is owned by Curti Srl, a rice industry with a long and glorious history. From 1875 up to today Curti has played a major role in the history of our country’s food industry. Pioneer in the packaged rice sector, it is present in the large-scale retail market in Italy and abroad with its own brands, including the well-known Curtiriso and private labels.

Today Curti Srl sells national and non-nationally produced milled and parboiled rice worldwide, as well as importing exotic rice from India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia, in order to be able to offer the consumer a wide range of products. Innovation, quality and respect for the environment are the core principles on which the Company, now owned by the Euricom Group, has built its present and is building its future.


Antica Riseria Campiverdi
One of the historical brands in the Italian rice industry.

Ornati Rice
It is distributed mainly central and southern Italy.

Rice Rolo
Well-known in Emilia Romagna and some areas of northern Italy.


This is the year in which the company’s history began thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Virginio Curti, who immediately proved to be a great innovator by replacing the old rice production systems, in just a few years with more up-to-date types of machinery.

The new rice mill capable of processing up to 600 quintals of raw rice per day is opened.

In this decade the large industrial plants of Valle Lomellina, which are still working today, were built.

From this year on the Curti promoted and enhanced exports reaching almost all European countries.

Curti was probably the first Italian rice industry to arrange the most accurate selection of rice farmers and farms engaged in growing rice.

Curti rice is sold in more than 80,000 shops in Italy.

Riseria Virginio Curti Spa was sold to Buitoni Spa later merged with Nestlè Italiana Spa.


In 1994, Curti Srl was established, a company that was acquired in the same year by Euricom, the largest Group in Italy in the rice industry and one of the largest in the world.

The Company supports from the beginning huge technological and structural investments to improve product quality: increased food safety, diversification and commitment to environmental protection.

Over the years, paddy rice and husked rice, i.e. raw materials, are subject to a careful selection in order to achieve milled rice of ever-growing quality. Curti Srl has one of the most modern refining plants in Europe with a capacity of about 500 tons per day and an annual potential of approximately 170,000 tons.

Since 2004 a further renovation and modernization of the production lines takes place and Curti is provided with an efficient rice packing department with a daily production potential of 1,300 tons, or about 200,000 tons per year. A state-of-the-art automated warehouse for the storage of finished products is also introduced. Today the company’s total storage area is around 22,000 total pallet spaces.

2013 carries great achievements along including the internationalization of the brand in the USA and Brazil and the production in Greece.

As a promoter of environmentally friendly quality, Curti has been investing more and more in clean energy since 1996, going so far as to build a biomass thermal power plant at its plant in Valle Lomellina and achieving the authorization to produce rice from Organic Farming.

In September 2023 Curti, 148 years after its creation, is enrolled in the prestigious register of historic Italian brands.

Curti Srl has always been committed to offering to the consumer a higher quality product according to flavor, food safety and affordability.


A continuous increase in the level of product QUALITY at all stages of the supply chain, from the selection and processing of raw material to packaging, storage and distribution.

An increased awareness regarding the FOOD SAFETY of consumers as well as the HEALTH PROTECTION of all employees involved in the different phases of the supply chain.

The implementation of all production and control activities while keepig maximum customer satisfaction as central goal


Accurate selection of paddy rice and control of the production process

Use of state-of-the-art industrial technologies

Staff training, research and development

Widespread presence in the raw material market

Efficiency of facilities and business organization

The remarkable industrial capacity combined with high-quality standards has earned Curti numerous certifications to guarantee the quality of its production processes and safety of the offered product.

ISO 9001

Corporate Quality System Certification

ISO 22000

Food safety management system certification


(British Retail Consortium), Global Standard for Food Safety.


(International Featured Standard), Standard on Food Hygiene and Safety.


Organic product certification

Vegan OK

Certification for vegan products